A House on the Plains

Mama said that I was thenceforth to be her nephew, and to call her Aunt Dora. She said our fortune depended on her not having a son as old as eighteen who looked more like twenty. Say Aunt Dora, she said. I said it.  She was not satisfied.  She made me say it several times. She said I must say it believing she had taken me in since the death of her widowed brother, Horace. I said, I didn’t know you had a brother named Horace. Of course I don’t, she said with an amused glance at me. But it must be a good story if I could fool his son with it.

From Sweet Land Stories by E.L. Doctorow

I think about this book at least once a week. You can read the first story here.

The painting is called Miner’s Shack in the Mountains by Helen Forbes. Yes, I know it’s a mountain scene, I just liked it. Helen Forbes lived and painted by herself in a deserted hotel in Death Valley during the 1930’s.

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