Building in the most expensive city in the world. The photo is from an interesting blog called Africa: What they never Show You. Check it.

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in the World.

    Luanda, Angola (1st)

    Tokyo, Japan (2nd)

    N’Djamena, Chad (3rd)

    Moscow, Russia (4th)

    Geneva, Switzerland (5th)

 Los Angeles is number 77 in the world, so quit yer bitchin’.

Apparently it costs about 7k a month to get by in oil rich Luanda because there are way more people living there than it was built for. It’s considered one of the safest places in Angola. 53% of inhabitants live in poverty. I guess they only make like 3k a month?

Info from Gawker. There’s some good first hand anecdotes in the comments section.