Dance monkey dance!

From Curbed L.A.:

-For anyone who actually thought that Frank Gehry got the idea for Disney Hall from a crumpled-up piece of paper, the starchitect put the idea to rest on Fahreed Zakaria‚Äôs show GPS this weekend. But he also said that The Simpsons joke has led to cheapo attempts at commissions: “Everybody thinks I’m going to crumple a paper. Clients come to me and say crumple a piece of paper, we’ll give you $100 and then we’ll build it.” The real inspiration behind the building: “If you go to Disney Hall, the key issue was the relationship between performer and audience. I worked my butt off to make that special.”

So mad this didn’t happen! Can you imagine the legacy of all the different interpretations of his crumplings that people would come up with? It would have been so bananas. Sometimes artists need to let their stuff go a little viral. It’s probably hard to let go of the control, but it’s for the greater good.