I found this photograph of the Vegas strip in the back of a book someone gave me and for awhile I thought I had taken it myself and misplaced it in the back of this book. This bothered me because I would have remembered finding it and putting it in the book in the first place.

Turns out I did not take the photo but I must have a photo just like it somewhere. Most people do.

That reminded me of this quote from Close To The Knives by David Wojnarowicz

“I used to wonder where the urge to photograph came from. I mean, there are literally billions of photographs of the Eiffel Tower spread all over the world by tourists with cameras. I imagine people sleep better at night having there tiny proofs of the existence of the eiffel tower in boxes underneath their beds.”

Well, I do actually feel better about something now. Whether it’s the validity of my memory or the proof of the existence of Vegas, I’m not sure.