I’m very excited to announce that I will be creating a permanent piece (actually 8 large panels) for one of the new Metro stations on the Expo Line here in L.A.! 

These photographs are ones I took last November (on Election Day actually) above Santa Monica. I actually am a total scaredy cat when it comes to heights but as long as I have a job to do up there, I’m alright. When the pilot banked over the ocean though, I have to say my stomach dropped all the way to the ocean floor.

This was the first flight I ever took with the doors of the helicopter off. It’s kind of like riding in a jeep 1000 feet off the ground, going 100 miles an hour. You aren’t allowed to have cell phones or change or anything in your pockets or hands. If you drop even something small, you can kill someone. At the end of the flight we all had a fine layer of grit on our faces.

We also got to fly over LAX twice as the airport we flew out of was in Hawthorne. The pilot has to wait for clearance before passing over and on the way back (when the gas gauge was almost empty) no one was answering the phone and we had to circle and circle for what felt like forever.

Quick shout out to Ryan with Star Helicopters who flew us on this amazing flight. I’ve done my homework and in terms of price and service they are way above everyone else.