I’ve been reading various end of the world predictions throughout history and this one kind of stuck out. William Miller, self proclaimed prophet, farmer and former atheist scoured Revelations for hints that would give him an end date. He came up with April 3rd, 1843 and a lot of people believed him. Tens of thousands. And for some reason people also believed that those who were already dead would get into heaven first, so they started killing their family members. Sounds sort of like they just needed an excuse.

When the time supposedly came, one of the few people with a sense of humor blew a loud, eerie sounding horn scaring the shit out of everyone. Nothing else happened. So, Miller, not one to give up, moved the date to July 7th. People bought special death robes (from Miller of course), dug their own graves and laid in them to wait. Again, obviously nothing happened.

Because he needed something to look forward to, Miller moved the date up to October 22nd. This time when nothing happened, people were pissed and most left the movement to form their own religions (most notably the 7th Day Adventists). Miller had made a fortune selling his death robes and spent his days giving end of the world speeches that probably no one listened to. By the way, this happened in New England. I don’t think people are less bananas now, there are just more ways for them to stay occupied.

The above coyote was chilling in my neighborhood this morning, not even a little afraid of us or our car. He offered no prediction on when the end of the world would be.