Still recovering from a really great trip to NY. In addition to seeing a lot of amazing art, friends, attending Brian’s openingĀ  and the seemingly, never ending cycle of eating amazing food followed by walking around the beautiful, exciting city, I got to experience a helicopter ride over Manhattan.

I’ve flown over L.A in one, but it was a pretty different experience in N.Y. A bigger helicopter for one thing, a lot shorter flight for more money, an assembly line feeling with a lot more people taking flights, you get searched like crazy and you don’t get to fly directly over the buildings. But this time, I did get the front seat next to the pilot which was so cool. When you look down between your feet, it’s just glass and you can see the city (or water) below.

I’m actually not a fan of flying in airplanes. Turbulence totally freaks me out. Sounds strange, but hovering rather than being flung into space, feels more natural. And the view was so dazzling, it made me forget everything else.