Summer snapshots

It got pretty warm and dry all up on our hill the last couple of weeks.

During the summer the cats spend about 8 hours a day sleeping on our deck. They manage to put aside their ongoing fued by pretending that the other doesn’t exist. Cats are so next level, especially when their hot and old.

We are fortunate to have good friends that live nearby with a pool. The location of said pool shall remain anonymous.

I didn’t plan on planting tomatoes this year but I was at Home Despot and saw plants on sale for a buck and change so I bought one and omigod they are soooo good. Magical, delicious, candylike, flavorescent.

We have been running our A/C so much it grew an iceberg -like appendage.

Staying hydrated is important.

Most people say that L.A doesn’t have seasons but I like to think that there are seasons here, just two instead of four. The cool wet season and the warm dry one. I like the dry season just so long as it’s done up right.

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