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I’ve recently been reading The White Album by Joan Didion and today I heard that Vincent Bugliosi passed away. I thought this would be an appropriate passage about that strange, dark time. There were rumors. There were stories. Everything was unmentionable but nothing was unimaginable. This mystical flirtation with the idea of “sin” – this […]

Some interesting views I’ve seen lately. The top one is the International Space Station as it glides over Los Angeles. It goes all the way around the earth every 90 minutes! But you can’t see it during the day (too bright) or in the middle of the night (no reflection from the sun). The second […]

Saw this picture of a house for sale in my neighborhood. Looks like they put all the outlets on the outside of the house. Seems legit.

I wrote an article for Zocalo Public Square on my art and my path as an artist. In it, I wrote about when I first moved to L.A. how I lived in a run down, Spanish style duplex in West Hollywood. This was in 1999 before the Grove, before all the paparazzi started watching the […]

fuckyeahairplaness: aerials by SF EYES Los Angeles has a really nice color palette.

Recently took a night helicopter flight over Los Angeles to get images for the drawings I’m making for the Sepulveda and Exposition stop on the Expo line. My friend, artist, Justin Moore, took this one. I usually don’t like doing these flights. They make me so nervous that I often don’t sleep the night before, […]

My friend Gerard took this one on our recent flight. I learned to drive in L.A. and my first regular commute was going up and down the 405 from the Getty to Long Beach. I hated it especially those foggy mornings where I couldn’t see 10 feet forward yet everyone is still going 70. But […]

This past Monday I took a helicopter tour over the Expo line site in West Los Angeles for my upcoming public art project at the Sepulveda station. The station will have 8 large art panels which will be drawings of aerial views of the area, designed by me. In this photo, you can see where […]

James Doolin mural at Metro headquarters. I really didn’t do it justice with this snapshot. It’s a pretty amazing piece.

I’m very excited to announce that I will be creating a permanent piece (actually 8 large panels) for one of the new Metro stations on the Expo Line here in L.A.!  These photographs are ones I took last November (on Election Day actually) above Santa Monica. I actually am a total scaredy cat when it […]

I love this piece on the Los Angeles Metro at the 7th and Flower by Joyce Kozloff. Last time I was there I had to wait about 45 minutes and since there’s no cell phone service under there, this piece was a welcome and fun distraction. It goes on endlessly. The monsters were my favorite. […]

Probably the most interesting re-use of a Kentucky Fried Chicken I’ve ever seen. In case you can’t tell, it’s a marijuana dispensary called Kind for Cures located in West L.A. Their slogan is “We Ain’t No Chicken Joint”!

I’m pretty excited to have the temporary mural I exhibited at the Los Angeles International Airport included in the Public Art Archive. From their website: The Public Art Archive™, a new project of the Western States Arts Federation, or WESTAF (www.westaf.org), is a sophisticated searchable database of public art in the United States. The Archive […]