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I shot this video last summer in Manhattan’s Lower East Side of my father’s first apartment when he came to America. Even though the Lower East Side has transformed into a trendy neighborhood of galleries and restaurants, these few blocks were still a little run down with mostly new immigrant families still living there. I […]

foreignliaison: Grand Central Station could get a elevated observation hoop This would be so amazing. You could go for a run.

Been pretty busy enjoying a couple of weeks in NYC. Seen a lot of great friends, art, sandwiches, subway tile, dogs, architecture, fireworks, ice cream cones and music. One of the most memorable art moments was Richard Avedon’s mural prints at Gagosian. Basically a gang fight/ gun fight between the norms and the weirdo/ rebels […]


Just some stuff I’ve been checking out on the internets as of late. Who owns the west? Figures. L.A gang injunction map. Always wondered if the Harpy’s were started by a disgruntled Classics major. If taking screen grabs of aerial views from Project Runway is wrong, I don’t want to be right. If you aren’t […]

Still recovering from a really great trip to NY. In addition to seeing a lot of amazing art, friends, attending Brian’s openingĀ  and the seemingly, never ending cycle of eating amazing food followed by walking around the beautiful, exciting city, I got to experience a helicopter ride over Manhattan. I’ve flown over L.A in one, […]