Thrift shop etiquette

Serious thrift shoppers know that when you are in a particularly packed thrift shop and you find something really great but you don’t plan on buying it because it doesn’t fit or isn’t quite your style, you should pull it out and hang it on the end of the rack for that right person to walk by and see without having to dig. It’s what serious thrifters do.

I went to the Salvation Army on Del Mar in Pasadena today and not only did I find a Hot Dog on a Stick uniform top but I also found vintage zip up sweater on the end of the rack. That Salvation Army is a little skeery, but I find the best stuff there. All clothes and furniture are 40% right now too.

Once I found one, gelatinous, prosthetic boob on the knick knack shelf.

Didn’t buy it though.