We went to the opening of Olga Koumoundorous exhibit at Susanne Vielmetter last night and I have to say this denim couch with the spray painted rainbow was my favorite.

What makes a person purchase a denim couch? Do they think, “I can only truly relax if I’m sitting on a couch made out of a fabric that reflects how casual I actual feel”? In my experience they usually smell like cigarettes and despair (casual despair?).

I was told that the work from the exhibit was made while the artist worked in an abandoned, foreclosed home and it was an interesting show made up from found materials that were barfed up, dusted off and fluffed up before being artfully arraigned around the the gallery.

Also, you’ll have to trust me on this but, Jodie Foster was standing to the left of this piece as I took the picture. The black arm and leg was some friend or bodyguard type trying to block me from (I swear not at all) trying to photograph her.

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