Artist Statement

I make contemporary, urban landscapes. My art deals with themes of uncertainty and optimism within our cities. When you look at my artworks up close, you see every individual window and roof that makes up a city. From a distance, you see an intricate grid that is as planned and stable as much as it is fragile and disordered.

Recently, I have been incorporating abstraction and geometric pattern into my work to create an underlying pattern that is at once organized and chaotic in order to discuss these issues formally, conceptually and psychically. Like contour lines on a map, these patterns squeeze and stretch streets and neighborhoods.

My work functions best when it captures a viewer from a distance and draws them in with delight. In manufactured spaces, it’s easy to feel alienated and out of touch with our surroundings. Aerial views connect and unify us to complicated, busy places. The organic, handmade quality, provides viewers with a new perspective on their city and the chance to see it as an outgrowth of our human nature; a large, ongoing project, built by many, shared by all.

My artwork depicts the intrinsic anxieties and possibilities that are frequently revealed in our built spaces. Often using Los Angeles as a blueprint, my work calls attention to these sensibilities, awakening people to the contrasts and possibilities in their cities and themselves.



Susan Logoreci’s drawings have been seen in Art in America, the Los Angeles Times, Harper’s Magazine, as well as many other periodicals. She has drawings in several collections including the U.S. State Department, City National Bank, Creative Artist’s Agency, Marriott and Hilton Hotels, Los Angeles Metro, Los Angeles County Arts Commission and in several law and urban design firms. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

She has also completed several public projects in hospitals, light rail stations and airports. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.