Right Above the Right of Way, Metro Exposition Line/ Sepulveda Station, Los Angeles, 2016

In 2015, the Expo Line Extension light rail line opened in Los Angeles finally connecting downtown Los Angeles to the Santa Monica pier. I was commissioned by Los Angeles Metro to create artwork for the Sepulveda station. I chartered a helicopter for two flights of the area around the station and took over 2000 photographs from which I made eight drawings depicting the area around the station.

The drawings were then fabricated into hand cut mosaics by Mosaika, a public art, mosaic fabricator in Montreal. You can read more about that process below. The images create a loose map in that they show the area that the viewer is facing. In addition they also map the rising and setting sun. When the viewer is on side of the station waiting to go west, they see night images, from the east side of the station.


Links to media articles about art on the Expo Line.

KPCC Click on the audio link in the upper left corner to hear details about my process.

Curbed LA


Artist Susan Logoreci inspecting color in ceramic tile sections at artwork fabricator’s shop. Photo: Mosaika Art & Design


Detail of artwork rendered in ceramic tile pieces. Photo: Mosaika Art & Design



Colored pencil drawings at artist’s studio during a studio visit by Metro Art staff.



Artisan at artwork fabricator’s shop comparing ceramic tile color to original artwork scan for execution in hand-glazed, hand-cut ceramic mosaic. Photo: Mosaika Art & Design



The assembly of thousands of ceramic tile pieces to match the artist’s original drawings at the fabricator’s shop. Photo: Mosaika Art & Design


Detail of artwork partially translated into ceramic tiles with high resolution scan of original drawing visible underneath. Photo: Mosaika Art & Design

Inspection of artwork panels after delivery by the fabricator to ensure that the colors of the original artwork are accurately reflected in ceramic mosaic and that the color is consistent among all of the panels.