Creative Genius Podcast 2022

Listen to my in-depth interview with Kate Shepherd on The Creative Genius Podcast.   We talk about how everyone has something of value to say in the massive conversation we call ‘ART’ that has been taking place since humans began and how often, our perceived flaws, prevent us from finding our voice to express what […]

overlay/ layover LAX Southwest Terminal, Baggage Claim, 2021

These urbanscapes intertwine geometric and abstract patterns into the dense neighborhoods and cityscapes of Los Angeles. Inspiration for these patterns is found from many sources. Art Deco patterns found on and in the buildings in downtown Los Angeles, op-art patterns, as well as seismic and zoning maps. These designs warp, stretch, squeeze and surround streets […]

Window Seat, LAX, Southwest Terminal, Baggage Claim, 2020

I make contemporary urban landscapes. My art deals with themes of uncertainty and optimism within our cities. When you look at the artworks up close, you see every individual window and roof that makes up a city. From a distance, you see an intricate grid that is as planned and stable as much as it […]


Artist Statement I make contemporary, urban landscapes. My art deals with themes of uncertainty and optimism within our cities. When you look at my artworks up close, you see every individual window and roof that makes up a city. From a distance, you see an intricate grid that is as planned and stable as much […]

Harbor-UCLA Medical Psychiatric Emergency Services Center, Torrance, CA 2017

The Los Angeles County Arts Commission commissioned me to create drawings for a psychiatric ward for teenagers at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. The drawings are of areas near the hospital that the patients and staff might be familiar with. Since there are no windows on the ward, I wanted to create sunny vistas that provide a […]

Susan Logoreci: Between Sunshine and Noir 2016

THE BLOG Susan Logoreci: Between Sunshine and Noir 04/05/2016 07:24 pm ET | Updated Apr 05, 2016 Rodrigo Ribera D’Ebre Writer At first glance, a drawing by Susan Logoreci might look chaotic and disorderly, but upon closer examination it is structured and functional. It is a direct reflection of the built environment. There are traces […]

L.A. Taco 2015

Link to original article here. Artist Susan Logoreci creates intricate colored-pencil on paper drawings of cities all over the world, but with an emphasis on her home metropolis, Los Angeles. Her combination of detail and abstraction renders the urban environment both inviting and warped. It’s a fitting style for our city, as many would consider L.A. […]

The Source – Installation at Expo/ Sepulveda Station 2015

Art for the Expo Line: installation at Expo/Sepulveda Station By Heidi Zeller on March 30, 2015 Installation of art panels along phase 2 of the Expo Line continued this week at Expo/Sepulveda Station. The artwork for the station was created by Susan Logoreci — read more about it in this previous post.More installations will take place in the coming weeks […]

New American Paintings, In the Studio: Process of a Painting 2015

In The Studio: Process of a Painting with Susan Logoreci Susan Logoreci (NAP #61, #109, 2003 MFA Annual) draws urban sprawl in the most beautiful way. As Los Angelenos, New Yorkers, and big city dwellers know well, the view out of your airplane window when you arrive back in your city is often one that is […]

The Dream Decor of Oblivion, LAX, Southwest Terminal, Baggage Claim, 2011

  This digital mural installation is derived from three, 4 (W) X 6 (H) foot, colored pencil drawings. The original drawings were depictions of downtown Los Angeles from three different views. Each drawing has now been photographed and digitally blown up many times larger than their original size and slightly replicated to create an effect […]

Interview with THS Art 2013

Talking Art with Susan Logoreci Talking Art is a quick artist interview. We ask Susan Logoreci 5 questions to help you get to know her and her art. Let our readers know who you are, where you are from and what kind of art you create? My name is Susan Logoreci and I make drawings […]

Artillery Magazine Review 2011

Feature: SIGHT SEEING LA Susan Logoreci Draws The City by Carrie Yury 11Jul11 LA is decentralized, sprawling; but we can’t blame city planners of days gone by for our horizontal growth pattern. The desire to have our own little plots of sun-drenched land continues to trump the fact that vertical expansion would be a far better […]

Los Angeles Times 2008 Review

AROUND THE GALLERIES June 20, 2008 Los Angeles Times By Leah Ollman, Special to the Times Reflections on doom, instability Susan Logoreci’s new cityscape drawings at Cirrus are more self-assured than ever, yet far less reassuring. The formal buoyancy and elastic perspective that have given the work an unshackled charm now make it feel portentous. […]

Los Angeles Times 2006 Review

AROUND THE GALLERIES Los Angeles Times September 22, 2006 By Leah Ollman, Special to the Times Making aerial landscapes playful Aerial views distort and abstract. There’s something thrillingly unnatural about them, especially because they’re afforded largely by technological achievements of the modern era: jumbo jets and skyscrapers. Viewing a city from above, details slide away […]

Zocalo Public Square

Link to original article I Draw L.A.’s Air Conditioners From Above So People Will Stop and Stare Looking at the Minutia Is the Best Way to Get a Handle On—and See the Beauty In—a Metropolis This Complicated by Susan Logoreci | May 1, 2014 In early 1999, when I was trying to establish myself in […]


Original artwork from the Phoenix Lights/ Phoenix Rising public art project $300 [wpecpp name=”Night City 1.1″ price=”300″ align=”right”] Night City 1.1 gouache on paper, 6″ x 8.5″ $300 [wpecpp name=”Night City 1.2″ price=”300″ align=”right”] Night City 1.2 gouache on paper, 6″ x 8.5″ $300 [wpecpp name=”Night City 1.3″ price=”300″ align=”right”] Night City 1.3 gouache on […]

The Nomadic Journal

Link to original article  In Transit with Adrian Paci May 22, 2014 Home to go, 2001, courtesy Peter Blum Gallery, New York. By Susan Logoreci We asked artist Susan Logoreci about a recent encounter she had in Montreal with Adrian Paci’s work, which resonated with her on personal and aesthetic levels. Susan lives in Los Angeles where […]